Are you tired of being told what your wedding day should look like?

Hey There!

When I first started planning my own wedding as a 2023 bride, nothing scared me more than thinking about the reactions I would get from family members when I told them my plan. I had decided before I was even engaged that I wanted to do a small, very intimate airbnb wedding in one of my favorite places: Lutsen, MN. Due to it being such an intimate setting we decided that no one who we both hadn't met would not be invited. We are both very introverted people so this was the best path for us and I could not be happier with out guest list of 26. Long story short, if you do what will make the both of you most comfortable on your wedding day, it will relieve so many stressors and ultimately lead to you guys enjoying one of the best days of your life. I am here to capture all of that joy and help support you in all of your decisions for your wedding day. 

I am unapologetically me. I am someone who talks to everyone as if they are my friend because that's how I see them.  I love to make sarcastic comments and tease people when I know it'll make them laugh. I like to make fun of myself and laugh at every little dumb thing that I do throughout the day. I love easing nerves through out the day and doing every thing I can to make other people's lives easier. During shoots I might not be the traditional "hype woman" in the sense of yelling out constant compliments during the shoot but I will do just about anything to make you comfortable in my own awkward goofy way. 

In my extra time I like to crochet, hang out with my dogs in the sun with a cool drink and chill out with my husband on the couch and turn on one of our favorite TV shows, NCIS. 

I'm often found in my overalls and converse (or blundstones) walking around target with my mom or best friend.

All in all I am like the least intimating person out there and I would so love to meet you!

Who is Hailey?